Tips for Choosing The best evaporative cooler

Tips for Choosing The best evaporative cooler

Air cooler is the right choice for you who want to have a cool room without consuming much electricity. Air cooler can provide moisture to your room, and also can cool the room of the house. Following below Tips for choosing the right air coller:

Choose Air Cooler that Has a Remote

Air cooler that has a remote will be easy to operate properly. This will make it easier for you when using it, therefore you should choose an air cooler that has a remote to adjust the humidity easily.

Also make sure you do not put the air cooler near metal or electronic goods because the water cooler will moisten the air so that it has the potential to spread the electronics nearby. As much as possible, put the air cooler in the corner of the room.

At present, Air Cooler products are widely sold in all electronics stores. There are many choices of Air Cooler products that have the advantage of electricity consumption that is far more efficient compared to AC (Air Conditioner).

Learn how to choose a good Air Cooler so you can get high-quality products that fit your needs!

What do you need?

Choosing an electronic device is most appropriate if it suits your needs. Likewise, when you want to buy an Air Cooler, it is better if the selected product is adjusted first to your needs. Try asking yourself one more time, why do you have to buy an Air Cooler and what do you need from this one electronic product?

Choose the Right Type of Air Cooler

Actually Air Cooler has several product variants. Specifically in Indonesia, there are only two types of Air Coolers that are commonly sold, namely portable and evaporative. Portable type Air Cooler is basically an Air Cooler that is designed with an economical model so it is very easy to carry and move anywhere. Whereas the best evaporative cooler has a large size with more complex features and capabilities. But on the other hand, this model requires more electrical power.

for more details you can see the video below:


Find out what features you have

Air Cooler is also available with a wide selection of features. The more features you have, the more you will benefit because there is a lot of work that can be done. But many features make the price of the Air Cooler increase. Some features that are owned by Air Cooler include speed controller, timer, remote control, automatic water level controller, and automatic shutoff dampers. Try to choose a product with these features and additions. Make sure the product you choose will not significantly increase your power bill, and if you haven’t already, look into the best electric companies in Houston to see which one offers the best plans for your new Air Cooler.

Determine the Required Size

The size factor of the Air Cooler must also be considered. Not solely about the availability of space to place it, but this size factor affects the ability of the Air Cooler. The larger the size of the Air Cooler selected, the wider the coverage area. This happens because the large Air Cooler has a large engine capacity and more powerful capabilities as well.

How it works Air Cooler

Many doubt the water cooler because it has a negative impact on the health of people who are in the room. In fact, some of them are just guessing.

There is no solid reason why they say the air cooler has a bad impact on human health.

Well, so there is no misunderstanding of this room temperature-reducing device. On this occasion we would like to further discuss how the air cooler works.

The main principle of the air cooler is to cool the air using 2 main elements. Fresh air and water. Likewise mountainous regions cool the air. This is a classic technique adopted from natural events around us.

Water vapor is put into the air to increase humidity and then have an impact on decreasing temperature. Usually the temperature can be lowered from 1-5 degrees Celsius.

Because the process of working is very simple indeed, the air cooler engine works also in a simple way. So no need to use chemicals. The impact, operational costs become cheaper and more affordable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Coolers

Why not just use AC. The room can be cooler and cooler. It is really a responsibility to use Air Cooler, because the temperature drops only 1-5 degrees Celsius.

There is also truth. If you want the room air to be cooler and cooler. Then we can use AC (Air Conditioner). But, there are cases where we have to cool the air in an open room.

Like a class where the room cannot be closed perfectly. In this case we are better off using Air Cooler.

To be clearer, we will try to describe what are the advantages and disadvantages of this air conditioner. Especially when compared to Air Cooler (AC).

Advantages of Air Cooler

  • The price of this air conditioner is cheaper than the Air Conditioner
  • Do not use chemicals
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Can be moved as needed
  • The electrical energy required is not large
  • Can be used to scale home dates
  • And so forth

Lack of Air Cooler

  • A decrease in air temperature of only 1-5 degrees Celsius only
  • If used in a closed room will have an impact on health
  • Cold air is not spread evenly
  • And so forth.

Now, from the advantages and disadvantages that we described above. You can see and adjust to your needs. Do you need this air cooler or not.