How To Increase Your Curb Appeal

How To Increase Your Curb Appeal

Approximately 60% of homebuyers have reported that curb appeal can make or break their decision regarding viewing a home. Additionally, it’s been shown that curb appeal can boost the perceived value of your home by as much as 11%. While your landscaping isn’t as important as the inside of your home, it still shouldn’t be ignored. Here are some ways to boost your curb appeal.

Address the Landscaping

When you let your grass grow crazy and the weeds get out of control, that directly reflects what buyers will think of your home. They’ll feel that people who don’t take care of their yard are also going to let the home get in disrepair. 

Keep your lawn mowed, and your weeds pulled. Trim back any trees and bushes, and consider adding flowers to your property. The pop of color will add a nice contrast, and it will give the eye something more to look at. If keeping up with the Loomis landscaping is too much for you, then perhaps contact a service to help you with it. 

Clean the Driveway

While many people look at the driveway as merely practical, a clean driveway can dramatically improve the look of a home. Blow off any leaves or debris that might have fallen on it, and powerwash it. You’ll likely find that the color of the concrete changes completely. 

If you have toys or garbage cans in your driveway, put them away. Place the cans in the garage if you have space for them in there. If you don’t, line them up nicely on the side of the house, where they aren’t an eyesore. 

Update the Porch

The porch can make a significant impact when it comes to a home’s appearance. Update any old lighting fixtures and replace any stained, discolored, or Read the rest