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Using Natural Stone to Amp Up the Luxury Quotient

Regardless of whether you have loads of cash or are working with a budget, natural stone can be integrated into nearly any design and a beautiful result can be achieved. Natural stone can be used in many forms, from large slabs to tiny elements for unique detail. Natural stone is definitely a premium material that will always stand out.

Using Natural Stone as a Premium Decorative Material Outdoors

For individuals who wish to enhance their home’s appearance by using natural stone, it is recommended that they consider using this luxury material beyond the conventional bath and kitchen applications. A good example put forward by Susan Kathryn Toth, a residential interior design company in Canada, is using natural stone for slate roofs.

Other innovative and beautiful applications include using limestone for sills and headers. “Granite can be incorporated into exterior door sills to improve aesthetics,” she notes.

Elevating Natural Stone Through Innovative Application: The Secret is Getting the Details Right

Because most homeowners are not looking to frequently change the exteriors of their homes when compared to making changes to the interiors, it therefore makes a lot of sense to use natural stone for indoor makeovers.

Apart from using this premium material on countertops, Susan notes that marble tile walls can be an excellent and luxurious choice for washrooms and laundry areas.

In one instance, she made some clever use of a washroom’s uniquely placed skylights and chose to go with luxurious Blue Azul marble tiles for the baseboards and floor. She went on to offset the floor with a Carrara vanity marble top.

Stone and Chrome in Camberley, Surrey recently did a remodel that clearly shows some innovative use of natural stone field slabs and tiles that have been enhanced with a contemporary stone mosaic.

For those lured by this level of detail, Artistic Tile can create this custom mosaic design using any material that a homeowner specifies in a bid to end up with the perfect result.

In this instance, the customer chose some amazing semi-precious Amethyst stones together with the full-wall Breccia Capraia slabs. The result is a breathtaking warm-white finish with some very unique green inclusions and a distinctive purple veining, notes the president of Artistic Tile, Joshua Levinson.

The detailing is not only limited to the placing of the natural stone. As a decorative material, the level of attractiveness greatly depends on how it’s installed. “Make seamless applications that place a lot of emphasis on detailing,” says April Graves, Aria Stone Gallery VP. “Consider cladding the whole room in one stone, putting great emphasis on every vein to ensure perfect alignment.”

Going Big with Natural Stone

Graves advocates for thinking outside the box when it comes to natural stone. She gives a good example of using quad matched stone on your walls or in your hallways.

In a specific project, Aria Stone Gallery installed Verde Aurora marble on an entire wall. It’s a wall that acts as the backdrop for a built-in fireplace and television and, while it’s difficult to observe from a distance, if you pay close attention, you’ll observe the wall is quad matched and the veins are properly aligned to achieve a dramatic effect that is possible due to the natural stone used.

“Get huge slabs of natural stone and ensure that there are seamless transitions in between the slabs,” Graves says. “Make use of a design that will reveal the stone’s natural features and also use the same stone to make an accompanying sink. With recent upgrades in stone cutting using water-jet technology, it is now possible to make tiny intricate cutouts of stone that can be used in the construction of stone transition vents, switch plates and drains.”

Levinson also joins in to say that full slab walls really show the true beauty of natural stone in a magnificent way. “Heavily veined and book-matched slabs are particularly very attractive,” he adds. “In the world of stone tiles, one of a kind and heavily veined materials are known to make a strong statement of the sheer sophistication and beauty that’s found in nature.”

Graves reminds homeowners that natural stone is indeed a work of art that is created by mother nature. Using it can bring a sense of tranquility and calm to any space while still enhancing beauty and aesthetics. There are not many materials that provide designers and homeowners the ability and range to create a truly breathtaking look and feel for a home like natural stone does.

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