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The Secrets of Fall Lawn Care

Tips for Fall Lawn Care

When you think of fall, do you think of anything besides raking? If not, this article should help change your mind and will help you take care of your lawn, so your yard is the envy of the neighborhood next year.

Keep Mowing

A lot of people will stop mowing their lawns when it gets colder, but grass doesn’t stop growing until it frosts over in the winter. Keep cutting your grass at the normal height until it finally stops growing for the season. Once you’ve used your mower for the last time this year, you’ll need to winterize your mower. This includes changing the oil and the spark plugs, sharpening the blades, cleaning the air filter, and inspecting and repairing any damages to your mower. This way, your mower will be in tip-top shape for next year.


Even though fall weather may bring rain, it might not be enough to keep your lawn from being thirsty. Your lawn should approximately be getting 1 inch of moisture per week to keep it healthy. Using a rain gauge is a great tool that will help you keep track of the moisture you’re getting.


We all know that raking can be a pain in the behind. It seems like it’s an endless task that your muscles burn with every movement you make. But, to have a healthy lawn, you must rake it. If you don’t rake the leaves as they fall from the trees, they block the sunlight and prevent plants from making food. Also, if the leaves are wet and are left unraked, it can lead to lawn fungi. So yes, for a beautiful, healthy lawn, raking is an evil necessary.


Over the summer, your lawn has most been subjected to soil compaction and heat stress. Aerating is a process of removing soil plugs from the yard so that there are passages available for nutrients to reach the grassroots, nutrients that can’t get to the grass with compaction and stress.


If you are looking for a healthier and richer looking yard, fertilizing in the fall is best. Using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer will ensure that nutrients will feed your lawn through the winter and will help you grow stronger grass in the spring.


Your lawn can die in the summertime and you may have noticed many patches. Seeding those patches will ensure your lawn is full and lush next year. Be sure that the seeds reach down to the soil so that they can germinate and grow. There are many professional lawn services that can help you with this if you think it might be too hard a task.

Pest Control

You may notice pests in your lawn and taking care of it early in the fall will prevent severe damage. You can apply a pesticide yourself or use a lawn service.

Fall lawn management isn’t that hard. Following these easy tips can help you have a beautiful, healthy, and lush yard for the next year.

Author Bio : Sarah works for yourgreenpal and she loves gardens and lawn care!

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