Simple Choices When Considering Heating and Cooling Options for the Home or Office

When it to comes to either heating or cooling the home or office, there is no shortage of options available. But each method can have different options too. The electric storage heater, for example, can be manual or automatic, while the portable air conditioner can be set against the fixed version.

Even simple air circulation can be accomplished via a desk or pedestal fan. But in each case, the most suitable usually comes down to the simplest factors.

Manual or Automatic Storage Heaters

Storage heaters have some very obvious advantages. The central one, though, is the fact that electricity can be consumed overnight, at the lower rate of cost, storing heat to release during the day. However, how cost efficient they are can depend on the type and model of the storage heater. It is possible to select manual and automatic versions, and while most will immediately point to the advantages of an automatic system, the manual has its advantages too. The automatic version is highly convenient, with a preset program allowing the heaters to switch on and off at specific times. If there is extra heating needed during the day, then a booster can be pressed, though this can prove costly if used too generously. If you want to buy a heater, do not miss our Guide to choose Shop Heaters Australia.

And this is where the manual version has an advantage. During mild days, even in winter, the heater may not be needed at all, while any absence from the home or office would also mean no heating was needed. With the manual design, the heater can be used only when needed, whereas, if it is not properly managed, the automatic will continue to absorb heat and release it even when nobody is not there.

Portable or Fixed Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are hugely beneficial when the inside air temperature is uncomfortably high, and particularly when humidity levels are high. It is not enough in these situations to have a fan circulating the air, since the air needs to be cooled significantly first if it is to be effective. Once this requirement is established, the only real matter to consider is whether or not a portable or fixed air conditioner is best.

The answer to this question is found when the simple issue of frequency of use is considered. For example, if one works in the same place each day, in the same humid conditions, fixing an air conditioner in a wall or window would certainly seem to be a good idea. In this case, of course, access to a constant source of cool air is essential, allowing the working conditions to be improved whenever necessary.

If, however, the area is used for work on an irregular basis, and at varying times of the day, the investment in a fixed air conditioner would be unwise. However, a portable version would be much more practical since it could be transferred to whatever room one does work in, and then moved to a new location, or even put away, whenever necessary.

Pedestal of Desk Fans

There is no great difference between the pedestal or desk fans in terms of the cooling functions that they provide, but they do vary in terms of convenience. While both are typically available with oscillating functions, a number of different speeds and an upward and downward tilt adjustment, the only functional difference is the span of the blades. Because desk fans sit rather more closely to the user, and often on the desk they are working at, there is little need for a wide diameter. Normally, a pedestal fan is positioned further away from the user, usually because the purpose of the fan is to provide improved air circulation for more than one person. They are usually strategically placed in a corner to ensure the greatest area can be catered for, and boast a wider diameter to ensure a greater impact is made. For home offices, therefore, the desk fan is likely to be the best option, and for offices in a dedicated place of work, the pedestal version is likely to be best.

Of course, the heating and cooling needs of a particular office or home can be unique, which is why a portable air conditioner would sometimes be best even if one works in the same room every day, and a manual electric storage heater would be a more efficient choice despite a consistent clockwork like schedule. In the end, it is simply up to the home owner or office manager to decide.

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