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How to Create a Kitchen That Totally Nails Industrial Design

The ability of industrial decor to seamlessly combine practicality, affordability, and humility makes it one of the most popular kitchen decors of 2018. While the decor was founded to create space-efficient workplaces a few decades ago, it has developed by leaps and bounds and is now a preferred choice for households, especially in kitchens.

While the decor looks minimalist, a lot of critical thinking goes into getting the right outcome. Apart from the walls, cabinets, appliances, and cookware you select, you also need to focus on the material you select for elements like worktop, kitchen basin, splashback, etc. to create the perfect industrial-themed appearance. Fortunately, there are now several materials exclusively created for this decor. 6 such top surfaces for industrial decor are listed below-

1. Caesarstone Rugged Concrete

Quartz is a popular choice for kitchen installations due to its technical characteristics. To create the right industrial look, Caesarstone Rugged Concrete quartz can be an excellent option. The pure white material with Concrete finish, a new type of matte finish, that is both smooth and soft to touch. The material is resistant to scratches and stains and does not require sealing or waxing, making it a great choice for complex kitchen applications like worktops.

2. Silestone Cemento

Grey is a colour of choice for industrial kitchens. If you believe that a grey surface would help you get the right industrial decor in your kitchen, Silestone Cemento is a material that you may wish to consider. The grey quartz stone with its colour consistency would effortlessly add oodles of industrial appeal to your kitchen. Moreover, the material is also available in large slabs and can be easily used for kitchen flooring too.

3. Dekton Orix

Cement stones and their organic variations are very commonly found in industrial kitchens. If you too are looking for something like this, Dekton Orix is sure to impress you. The unique grey design of the ultracompact surface imitates the natural decay of cement stone and perfectly matches any industrial decor. Also known as Dekton Industrial Orix, it is available in many different slab sizes for various applications.

4. Caesarstone Airy Concrete

The grey and white hues on top of a light grey background make Caesarstone Airy Concrete an amazing choice for the industrial setting. The quartz surface belongs to the latest Metropolitan collection of Caesarstone which modern versions of traditional materials. The Metropolitan quartz designs have been created to help provide traditional-looking surfaces with significantly improved technical characteristics to spaces that could do with the natural look of rustic building products such as cement or concrete but do not want to have the issues that come with these materials. As a result, Airy Concrete is resistant to scratches, UV, water, and requires minimum maintenance.

5. CRL Grey Mist Quartz

If you love natural stone but believe that they won’t help create the best industrial decor, CRL Grey Mist Quartz is the one for you. The quartz surface has a delicate finish which makes it look like a natural stone like granite or marble. But the advanced manufacturing technologies through which it is produced ensure that the material is extremely hard wearing and easy to clean and maintain.

6. Unistone Carrara Misterio

Carrara is one of the most popular natural marbles and is commonly used in industrial kitchen designs. But if you want the beauty of Carrara marble with better physical abilities, you can consider buying Unistone Carrara Misterio. The quartz surface looks that resemble the classic Italian Carrara marble with white background and grey veining to add the natural touch of natural marble to your industrial kitchen.

If industrial decor is what you are aiming for, there is no better place than the kitchen to experiment. Pick one of the above-mentioned options as each one of them is sure to deliver the beauty and functionality that the industrial decor is so popular for.

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