Five Reasons to Plant Trees In Your Yard

Some homeowners refuse to plant trees in their yard because they think trees will create an extra expense and more yard work. However, arborists say there are many very good reasons to plant a few trees in your yard, above and beyond their natural beauty.

Trees Reduced Energy Costs

Planting a few trees along the sunniest sides of your house will drastically reduce the amount of solar gain striking your home during the summer. This, in turn, will reduce your need for air conditioning. Likewise, trees can also cool the air surrounding your home by releasing moisture into the air through their leaves. In cold weather, trees will create a windbreak to reduce drafts. Deciduous trees are perfect for regions with hot summers and cold winters since the tree will drop their leaves during the winter, allowing for maximum solar gain to keep your house warm.

Trees Provide Shade for Outdoor Activities

Trees can make a backyard BBQ even more enjoyable. It’s simply nice to sit outside in the summer, under the shade of a mature tree. Likewise, trees can reduce the cost of watering your lawn and flowers by decreasing the evaporation rate. However, when planting trees in a narrow or small backyard, you might consult with an arborist regarding the best choice of trees for your yard and local climate. You’ll need trees that will grow to an appropriate size, and don’t have roots that could damage your patio or foundation.

Trees Provide Food

There is nothing like eating a piece of fruit straight off of your very own tree. Trees produce both fruits and nuts, and will not only provide shade but food for you and your family. Citrus trees are a good choice in hot climates, like California, Florida or the Desert Southwest. Persimmon trees can adapt to a wide range of climates and soils. Look to see if there are any orchards in your area, and plant similar types of trees in your yard. You can also consult with an arborist regarding the best varieties of fruit and nut trees for your area.

Trees Increase Your Property Values

Trees will not only save you money on your energy bills, but trees will also increase the property value of your home by as much as 15%. Home buyers are naturally drawn to the beauty and character of mature shade trees around a home. They will also be aware of the potential energy savings the trees will provide. This is just a short list of five main reasons to plant trees in your yard, but there are many more ways trees can benefit your quality of life. Trees will also provide privacy, and attract wildlife to your home, such as birds and squirrels. Some varieties of trees also have pretty blossoms in spring or vivid colors in autumn. Trees can also help to reduce the traffic noise that reaches your home. Planting trees will not only benefit your quality of life but the quality of life for the entire neighborhood.

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