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Easy Office Design Ideas To Help Improve The Workplace

Modern office plans have changed significantly over the recent past. More and more people are switching from the traditional private offices, meeting rooms, and open office plans to a more creative modern design.

The main idea is not only to improve an existing workplace but also to make the workflow easy. Here are a few modern office designs that you can take advantage of.

1. Give Employees a Choice

The modern office setup designed to give employees the flexibility and freedom of choice to be able to collaborate, work as a team, as well as unwind away from their desks. Letting employees choose where and how they wish to work from not only helps improve output but also promotes concentration particularly when working on a complex project. Freedom of choice in the workplace is one of the key factors that drive productivity while improving everyone’s well-being.

Well-thought of office designs gives the staff the freedom to choose between dedicated spaces designed for concentration, relaxation, and collaboration and the traditional workstation setup.

2. Make Use of Natural Light

According to research, enabling staff to interact with nature while in the office place does help improve their performance and satisfaction significantly. The simple natural elements are often taken for granted, this includes natural light and a few green plants here and there, should be considered when thinking of office design. To let natural light into the office setup or workspace positioning is key. Consider using glazed partitioning which allows light to pass throughout the space.

A well-lit office setup (with natural light) has many benefits for the human body and brain. For starters, well-lit offices in Woking have been said to have improved concentration, creativity and mood in the workplace. Looking for ways to make use of natural light instead of artificial light would, therefore, be a wise idea.

3. Take Advantage of Dead Office Space

Dead spaces, commonly known as ‘in-between’ spaces can be transformed into functional work areas without impacting free-flow in the workplace. Such spaces can be optimised to serve as informal meeting spaces, small huddle booths, or private one-person pods. Think spaces under stairs, corridors and other crannies. They seem useless now but then take to designing them to serve a purpose.

4. Improve the Workplace Wellbeing

Always think about the workplace wellbeing when working on office design. There are dozens of ideas and approaches you can use to help improve the workspace mood. For instance, consider including tall tables for standing meetings, sit-stand desks, a shower room, as well as adequate bike storage for the staff. Bike storage doesn’t necessarily need to take lots of office space. Integration into the workspace will come across well.

You might also want to consider value-added services in the workplace as well. Supplemental wellbeing services such as snacks, fruits, some tea and coffee options might go a long way in improving mood and satisfaction in the same. Some of the successful businesses and companies have even taken it a notch higher by including/scheduling staff massages and lunchtime yoga in their workplace. Meant to ensure employees are satisfied with what they have at work.

It is worth noting that, designing an office for improved workplace wellbeing isn’t to increase competitiveness nor is it a new concept. Many companies today are focusing on ensuring their employees are satisfied by introducing artwork, colour, and brand messages. Colour, for instance, can be used to create a unique impression of the company. As well as help bring a sense of relaxation in the workplace. Vibrant colours are known to enhance creativity and collaboration while soft colours promote concentration.

Having the employees help choose the perfect colour for their workspaces is recommended too. Although it might not seem like much, this is a bold move towards increased productivity and satisfied staff.

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