Deckorum Composite Limited Offers Family-Friendly Composite Decking

Deckorum Composite Limited Offers Family-Friendly Composite Decking

Are you in need of a deck that is beautiful and safe for your kids? Deckorum has you covered!

Perhaps you invested in a new deck because you wanted your entire family to enjoy the amazing outdoors while at home. However, children are usually messy and many times they end up hurt, especially when they play on a worn deck.

However, with our top-notch composite decking you can relax without worrying about your playful kids or the deck.

Why is Deckorum Composite Decking the Right Choice for Your Home?

The market is full of so many different types of decks. But, what usually attracts people to their choice of composite decking includes durability, low maintenance needs, cost-effectiveness and beauty.

Here is what makes Deckorum composite decking a family-friendly option.

1.    Resistance to Stains

If you have young children at your house, then you know how chaotic the young souls can be. They leave food crumbs everywhere, knock over beverages, leave toys lying around, and draw anywhere around the house. With the correct products, you can attempt to clean off the stains and marks.

But, wood decking is not resistant to stains and tends to absorb liquids including jelly, grease and juice fast. Such stains are usually hard to remove. Also, PVC decks stain easily from bug spray or suntan lotion.

However, composite decks from Deckorum are resistant to stains and you can clean them easily with just warm water and soap. Additionally, even after cleaning the composite boards for thousands of times, they will not lose their lustre. They will still look as good as new through the years. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about kids spilling beverages on your valuable deck.

2.    Optimal Safety

Home safety should always be your top priority, especially with young kids at home. One of the most effective ways for ensuring safety is through a composite deck. Different from other decking materials, which wear down from sun exposure and constant use, composite is tough and robust. It’s not prone to rot, mould, or mildew, which might flare up allergies in your house.

Minor damages like splinters on your deck may pose danger to your family members. You’ll be glad to know that our composite decking doesn’t splinter, which will leave you worry-free.

And, it may be worthwhile to install composite deck railings. That’s because they’ll enhance the safety of your deck and last for many years.

3.    A Range of Gorgeous Colours and Styles to Choose From

While longevity and strength are essential properties of a deck to all families, most people still want a visually attractive structure. Deckorum composite decking provides a solid range of colours and styles that add character to an outdoor living area. Whether you want an intricate or textured pattern for your space, Deckorum can provide.

Get A Family-Friendly Composite Deck from Deckorum Today!

At Deckorum Composite Limited, we know your family is dear to you. That is why our composite decking products are durable, safe, and visually appealing. Furthermore, our top-notch technology ensures your decking won’t splinter, stain, lose colour or crack. When kids are constantly around your house, you’ll definitely need an easy-to-maintain deck. And Deckorum composite decking fits that category. Call us to get yours today.

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