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Confidential Pest Control Wiltshire Services

Pests are a fact of life, but discovering an infestation is never welcome. In panic, many people run for the closest and least expensive solution in the mistaken belief that zapping the pest will, fingers crossed, eradicate the issue before nightfall and without professional pest control Wiltshire services.

But ask yourself this question: If experts were unnecessary then why would they exist, and be in constant demand?

They offer swift response. Pest Control Berkshire, who also cover Wiltshire and Hampshire, have a one-hour response for most pest control call outs. Their vehicles and uniforms are unmarked; confidentiality is guaranteed. Pest infestations have several causes and there is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed.

Accredited pest control Marlborough, Swindon, Salisbury and Devizes specialists have comprehensive license holder only treatments at their disposal which far exceed the performance levels of over the counter solutions.

Accurate assessments of the species and size of infestation and the extent of the damage to date deliver answers efficiently for client peace of mind. Several pests can create the same sets of clues for the uninitiated to fall in to the trap of thinking that pest A needs to be treated rather than pest B. For example, rodent droppings look similar but there are subtle differences between rat and mouse deposits. A new woodworm infestation creates fresh holes and tunnels in furniture or beams, but historic cases holes appear freshly bored too. A pest control Wiltshire specialist knows how to evaluate a wasp nest’s population and counter any safety risks.

Moreover, working with professionals meets with many mortgage company, insurance, health and safety and maintenance agreement terms. The small print of your policy, whether it’s for a commercial or domestic property, probably states that the do-it-yourself approach is insufficient to their needs.

Pest control Marlborough and the surrounding rural area call outs create different challenges than in an urban sprawl like Swindon. Rats and mice are a common issue across the region, as are wasps and bees, but there is arguably a greater probability of encountering a mole infestation on agricultural land, open fields and on farmland.

Moles may seem innocent, but they cause extensive damage underground and when they break through to the surface the resultant molehills and displaced stones deliver health and safety implications for humans and livestock whilst machinery could be harmed by debris.

Treatment does not always mean eradication. With some pests, killing off the population is the best course of treatment, but pest control Wiltshire teams are likely to relocate wasp, bee and hornet nests to a more appropriate location; moles and squirrels are often trapped and moved rather than gassed.

Why not kill all pests? Because some are vital to a healthy ecosystem. For example, the cross- pollination work carried out by bees and the pest control activities of wasps saves the UK the billions of pounds that would be required to replicate their positive effects. Their absence would affect the environment and food chain adversely.

Trust experts with your pest control Wiltshire needs. Enjoy confidence.

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