Caring for Granite Countertops

Many people love the sleek look of granite countertops. This upgrade can often make a kitchen go from boring to classy. Since granite can be a big expense in a new build or kitchen renovation, proper care and maintenance should ensure a long life.

Seal the Granite

While granite looks solid, many professionals considered it to be a porous surface. This means that there are small openings on the surface of the stone that will catch and trap liquids, such as oil. Once this happens, the stone can get a stain that may not come out. Installers often seal granite after installation to prevent surface stains that may discolor it. If you tackle this project yourself, be sure that the stone is completely dry before application. Afterward, it should be buffed out to bring out the shine. This process should be repeated every few years to maintain surface durability.

Daily Maintenance

You won’t need harsh chemicals to clean granite countertops butler pa once it is sealed. In fact, plain soap and water are usually recommended. Anything stronger, such as vinegar-based cleansers, could potentially strip the sealant and expose the granite. You should also avoid preparing foods directly on the granite surface. The use of cutting boards and dishes under food can save additional wear and tear on the expensive stone.

Remove Jewelry

Before preparing any food, it can be a good idea to take off any jewelry from your hand, especially diamonds. Granite is generally considered a hard stone, but diamonds are harder and can damage or chip the stone if they come in contact. To avoid this potential disaster, simply remove any jewelry and store the items in a safe place prior to surface cleaning.

Many people invest in granite countertops for its natural beauty. With good preventive maintenance, granite countertops should last a long time.

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