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7 Important Features of All Great Business Websites

1. The Logical Roadmap

It makes sense that any website needs to be pleasing aesthetically, yet it is way more important that it is useful.

Before even choosing the server type or type in an HTML tag, you need to plan how you would like your website to operate. This is essential for SEO and user experience because Google considers the structure of your site and the content when ranking the site for search. This is why it is important to map out followed by a mock-up design of the site, which designers call “wireframing”. Now run the site by a couple of close friends to ensure it is intuitive and makes sense.

2. Important Business Information

Keep your text to the minimum in association to the mission statement, as you should be writing up things so that people are able to skim, as most people have a short attention span. A helpful tip to convey a mission will involve comparing your company to other things. For example, the way has been marketed as “Warby Parker for undies” in order to align itself to the manufacturer’s by-mail convenience and keen curation. Never underestimate brevity, a few sentences have the ability to be powerful, states Frankel.

Dependent on the type of business you run, you need a couple of things on the site which fall under the category of “information”. For example, a restaurant will require a menu along with a location list with a map or directions, yet each industry will have its most necessary items. If you are an etailer, then you will require product images and these pictures have to be good.

If you are working in a service industry, your company heavily relies on referrals, and customer services, make sure your site includes testimonials. An example of this may be a professional wedding-planner might include what a recent bride has to say about her overall experiences with the company.

Web designers may include a link or screenshots of previous work in an explainer video produced in the UK. Hair salons might include client testimonials that speak about the stylist’s friendliness and skills. Make sure your site is tailored so it provides information that users are searching for.

3. Contact Information

Make sure your site includes a contact form, address, email and contact numbers that are visible and easy to access. This makes all the difference, as it is frustrating when a user lands on a site and is not able to contact the business or their services.

When you place the phone number and email address on the website, avoid uploading this information in an image. The address and phone number need to be copied directly from the site or clicked on so that a visitor can email you or phone you. Many of the smartphones of today can “click on call” while surfing the web, which means you need to make these processes as simple as possible for all users.

4. Security

If you are selling something online, you have to place a bit of effort into securing the site using an SSL certificate. SSL encrypts communications that occur between your clients and you, which includes a Social Security number or credit card number, which will ease their fears when it comes to offering such information, due to all the identity theft across the web. TrustE, VeriSign, GeoTrust and Entrust are some of the best options to consider.

5. Social Media Integration

There are many social platforms available today, which includes Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and YouTube. You should try promoting your presence over many social media platforms, as it happens to be an essential part when it comes to marketing the business.

The integration of these types of platforms into your site will assist in boosting your SEO, will improve your “business footprint” on the Social Web and build up a following over a number of the social platforms.

6. A Mobile-Ready Version

Tablets and smartphones are responsible for driving web traffic that continues to increase, and these numbers continue to grow as mobile devices become more mainstream and cheaper. The director of Bing for Mobile, Andy Chu states that 70% of the task completion occurs within in the first hour on a mobile site, which means people are in most cases browsing the web with a specific intent. This means they are in search of somewhere to go, to buy something or to do a specific thing. If a person is searching for a specific restaurant through his smartphone, he is more than likely going to visit this restaurant in an hour, states Chu. This means your site needs to readable on the handheld devices.

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