How is e-learning the best chance parents have to retake their online education?

How is e-learning the best chance parents have to retake their online education?

At one point, as part of the measures to combat COVID-19, the decision was made to close schools and move to the online or distance school system. Studies show that parents have a positive attitude towards online education and want to implement digital tools even after their children return to school. Thus, 71% of parents believe that the education system needs to be digitally prepared for exceptional situations (heavy snow, epidemics), while 40% support online teaching combined with classroom teaching.

According to ReviewsBird, the involvement of parents in the child’s education, at school and home, is considered to be one of the most important factors related to school success and the child’s life in general. On the other hand, the survey reveals the difficulties that parents face during this period when schools are closed, including adapting the program to the needs of the child and finding a way to keep children busy. It is also a good time for parents to remember certain information in the field of education if they also participate involuntarily in online classes.

It is very important to mention that for a unique e-learning experience, both for children at online school and adults in specialization courses, you need a high-performance computer to be able to participate in the courses. If you don’t have one yet, or you want to change the current one with a more efficient one, you can find a multitude of models on CAFAGO, depending on your preferences. You have to consider different technical aspects when choosing a PC.

About e-learning

A learning system based on formalized teaching but with the help of electronic resources is known as E-learning. In a broad sense, e-learning means all educational situations in which the means of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are used … Read the rest