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Thatcham Blinds Specialists Install Excellent Solutions

Any property investment, whether it relates to bricks and mortar, blinds, carpeting or utilities deserves investigation so that all aesthetic and practical needs are met. So, if you’re considering purchasing motorised blinds in Thatcham or the surrounding area, please contact a family run Thatcham blinds specialist.

Don’t search in ignorance for a “blind specialist near me,” make Smart Blinds your first, and only, choice because you’ll find it difficult to get a better purchasing and installation experience elsewhere. With an outstanding reputation and product range, over twenty years of experience and a commitment to affordability, their team ensures that every part of the process is straightforward and delivers lasting peace of mind. They’ll answer your questions about the blind operation, cost and energy savings, installation and whether your choice is the perfect one for your unique situation.

Motorised blinds represent the future of window dressings

Manual operation blinds will always be popular, but since the introduction of smart technology and third-party automation systems the allure of motorised blinds has only increased year on year.

“With progressive motorisation technology, motorised blinds are becoming an affordable luxury.” Smart Blinds.

15 benefits of thinking smart

1. The smart technology enabled motorised blinds work on the same principle as other smart devices.

2. Thatcham blinds experts Smart Blinds have their own range of competitively priced high-quality standalone blinds for automation platforms or their installers can provide links to a range of compatible systems.

3. The blind houses its tubular motors so the aesthetics are maximised.

4. Choose from Roman, roller, Venetian, vertical and skylight or conservatory motorised blinds in a wide range of colours and finishes.

5. Smart Blinds products are made to measure by renowned industry partners.

6. There are no cords so no trip hazards or extra material to house.

7. No more bending in to awkward spaces.

8. Employ automation platforms, voice control, apps and remote control for operation.

9. Users don’t need to be on the property to operate the blinds.

10. Control the motorised blinds singly or simultaneously.

11. Automatic blinds movement means that from the outside of the property there is someone on site, whether there is or not. No intruder will take the risk of encountering an occupant.

12. The blinds provide a physical security barrier against the window; an impediment to burglars.

13. Heat and sun sensors activate to maximise blinds efficiency; insulating and cooling the space appropriately. Manual blinds are not habitually moved frequently, and this allows energy waste. Utility bills should lessen with the adoption of intelligent blinds.

14. One 24 hours battery charge to the blinds results in 5-7 months of operational power.

15. Enjoy guarantees on the installation from qualified installers and the confidence that comes from working with the best.

16. You might find that the national chains staff have less practical knowledge about blinds for automated platforms; you’re busy, don’t waste your time. Join an ever-growing list of satisfied Thatcham blinds recipients who choose Smart Blinds for their smart solutions.

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