Bedroom Furniture

Practical Furniture: Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are considered to be practical furniture for their versatile features.  It’s not a secret that everyone dreams of having a spacious, clutter-free bedroom to sleep on at the end of the day. Aside from that, a calm and an orderly bedroom allows you to unwind and ease the stress of your tired body. One of the ways where you can get the most storage space in your bedroom is to install a fitted wardrobe that will also serve as versatile furniture to fit all your belongings from accessories, shoes, clothes, jewelry, and many more.

If you want a wardrobe that fits seamlessly with the layout and design of your bedroom, you cannot find better shelves and drawers than a fitted wardrobe that extends from wall to wall and from floor to the ceiling. Wide and high wardrobe storage in your bedroom is like no other since you take the most out of your available space. You can always apportion space for season pieces and take them out when the season is back or store at the top-most part of the wardrobe pieces of clothing which you rarely use.

Fitted wardrobes can serve as your cabinet for beauty essentials like make-up collection and your accessories. Organizing and displaying your glamour collections is easy and you don’t have to worry about not having enough space. Think about the best time to re-organize and dispose of pieces that ran out of its expiry date also to maximize space usage. Don’t forget to use drawer dividers for a neat display so you’ll know where to get your favorite cosmetics.

Do you want a small office space of your own in your relatively small bedroom space? Design your fitted wardrobe with customized shelving that can work as an office desk in your room. You can even hang light pendants in place of a bedside lamp to clear that space for another use. Not only did you free up some useful space beside your bed, but you can also replace an ordinary bedside table into a 2-3 layered drawer for additional storage space to keep your prized possessions, daily essentials, and reading materials.

If you are thinking of buying multiple racks to hang your ties, bags, coats, and others, think about your fitted wardrobes’ door. You can merely use hooks and rack at the back of your fitted wardrobes’ door and hang your belts, scarves, and ties. Also, invest in sturdy hangers to hang your coats and organize your bags and shoes on the shelves. What you have a is a clean floor, free from clutter and unwanted views, an organized closet, and a maximized space storage to your heart’s content.

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