Home Improvement

Improve Your Property Value, Starting With Your Garage

It’s true that garages are more functional than pretty, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be well maintained and tidy. Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or you simply feel your garage needs a spruce up, there’s plenty you can do to improve its practicality and appeal.

Smarten up the doors and exterior

The very first thing to do for an instant impact is to update the external doors of your garage. For example, you could replace metal doors with wooden ones, or change the style of the main door altogether. Up and over  garage doors are particularly popular, thanks to their modern, space saving look and great value. Once your new door is installed, you could even give the garage a further facelift with some vinyl or stone cladding, or paint the brickwork with external masonry paint.

If you don’t actually use your garage for keeping cars in, many people opt to have it as an entertainment area with a pool table, seating and even a bar. If this sounds like you, then why not choose an up and over door with windows in it for example to let in more light.

Don’t forget to pull down any overgrown foliage such as wisteria on the external roof and walls too, and scrub (or jet wash) any sap or green moss.

Add some storage

Whether you keep a car in your garage or not, plenty of shelving and storage is a must. Movable shelving is a fantastic solution for smaller garages, or where space is at a premium. You can even find shelving that slides or rolls in which maximises the space available.

Cabinets are of course another option, and are great for making things look a bit neater. As cabinets comes in so many shapes and sizes, they’re also ideal for putting in parts of your garage that would otherwise be wasted space, such as in corners. Don’t forget to leave some wall space for some hooks and hangers though, as many people find these are super helpful when it comes to hanging up bikes and other sporting and gardening equipment where easy access is required.

Finally, some people even board out the top of their garage (if it has an apex roof and beams) to use almost as extra attic space. This is where things can be kept that don’t need to be used very often, such as Christmas decorations and camping gear. Essentially, a tidy garage is an attractive one.

Pay attention to the floor

Your garage floor doesn’t have to be simple grubby concrete. Interlocking tiles for example stick directly onto your floor, and are extremely tough and long-lasting. Another option is vinyl flooring, which is easy to install as it comes in large rolls. Waterproof, durable and easy to clean, it’s an inexpensive option but with plenty of colours and designs to choose from

Finally, garage floor paint is probably the most straightforward option, especially if the floor is in generally good nick with no large cracks. Simply choose a colour you like and spread it round the floor liberally (you’ll likely need to do two or three coats).

Simply put, with a little bit of imagination your garage can make a real difference to the overall appeal of your property, with very little cost and effort.