Decorating a Large Room: 5 Tips to Make It Feel Like Home

Everybody likes big spaces and nobody will ever decline an offer to move to a bigger apartment or house if they could afford it. Having said that, a particularly large apartment, house or even just a single, huge room can feel empty and lonely when the décor isn’t right. Just in case you can relate to this or if you are shifting to bigger real estate anytime soon, here are five tips that should make that huge void feel like home in no time.

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Manage Corners with Plants

There’s a house plant for every home and when it comes to large spaces with tall ceilings, that plant needs to be a tree! Keep potted corn plants, umbrella trees and yuccas in the corners to instantly make the room feel less daunting and a lot more inviting than before.

Plan Your Furniture

The furniture is pretty much the most important aspect to consider here so you will need to plan it intelligently, in order to make the large space seem more homely. However, before the rearranging comes the all-important first step of choosing the right kind of furniture to begin with. Head over to Euro Creations for the best furniture Thailand has on offer from all the top brands in the industry. While selecting any of the products, just make sure that it matches the décor and is proportionately large enough for the space you have at home. Small furniture in big rooms just makes it feel even more vacant.

Giant Headboard on a Big Bed

If the room in question is your bedroom, it’s the perfect opportunity to fill some space with a Super King-sized bed and a giant headboard. In fact, feel free to make the headboard seem bigger in proportion to even the huge bed because this works aesthetically, and the vertical ascension of the headboard makes the room feel full and cozy without taking up any unnecessary space at all.

Choose Darker Shades

More often than not, lighter shades are preferred for just about any room as they do make things look cheery, airy and more spacious than they are. As the objective here is to make the room seem more cozy than big, paint it with comparatively darker shades such as deep blue or gray for example. Check out some darker paint themes online before trying any of it in your home though.

Manage High Ceilings with Low-Hung Art

If the ceilings are high and the room is huge, choose big pieces of art and hang them low to create an illusion that deviates the mind from the ceiling’s actual height. As art should never be hung high above eye level anyway, this one is pretty much a standard for big spaces with high ceilings.

Some people like the fact they have huge rooms that seem spacious, while others feel that it looks empty. The trick is to balance both aspects by never letting the emptiness take over, while keeping the space from looking overcrowded at the same time.