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Aluminium Windows & Doors – Beautifying the House

When building a house, windows and doors are sometimes the last things on a builder’s mind. However, these are some of the aspects that add beauty to your house. If you are considering using aluminium doors and windows, you have made the right decision. These come with numerous benefits, including the following.

Low Maintenance and Durability- since they are corrosion resistant, aluminium doors and windows require minimal maintenance even when installed in places with harsh weather conditions. Unlike with other materials, it does not swell or split as time goes by. This means that it lasts longer too.

Affordability- aluminium frames are very pocket-friendly than their counterparts, giving you a durable and economical window and door solution.

Aesthetic Appeal- nobody wants their house to look old-fashioned in this time and era. Aluminium doors or windows add an exquisite look to your home. They also look very sleek and elegant, and you have the option of choosing from different finishes like shiny, matte or solid, according to your preference. Don’t just admire your neighbours doors and windows; get aluminium ones for your house too.

Colour Options- unlike in the past when aluminium doors and windows were silver in colour, you can choose from a wide variety of shades based on your preference and taste. This will make it easy for you to match your windows and doors to your home’s scheme colour. You also have the option of having them painted to whatever colour appeals to you and make you stand out.

Different Types of Aluminium Doors and Windows

There are numerous aluminium doors and windows to choose from, and they include the following.

Fold Doors- these are the best choices you can make when buying aluminium doors to renovate your home. Whenever you open such a door, it will give you the feeling of an outdoor setting without having to step out of your house. They will help you create some open space in your home so that you can enjoy nature from inside your house.

Aluminium Sliding Doors – these are ideal for patios and any area that needs to be free of obstructions to the outdoor views. They can be opened easily through sliding them to your desired side. The modern sliding designs come with the flexibility of adding blinds and curtains. You can also attach tilted windows with these designs to let more fresh air into your house without having to open the door.

Casement Doors- They have big, clear glass panels attached to their mainframe using hinges. The design allows you to enjoy some great views of your surroundings. If your home is surrounded by scenic views, consider installing casement doors. These doors have a top hung design that gives ventilation even with a downpour.

Aluminium Windows

Bi-Fold Windows- these can be cleaned easily and do not require extensive maintenance. With them, you get great access to your outdoor space, and they are also very durable. Their opening mechanism allows them to open and get stacked on a side, providing you with enough space in between the frames.

Tilt Turn Windows – These aluminium windows can be moved horizontally or vertically, allowing as much air to pass through as possible. Since they open inwards, they are suitable for houses that have limited outdoor spaces or balconies. They clean very easily too, and they can be tilted to open at an angle.

The Energy Efficiency of Aluminium Doors and Windows

Since the introduction of polyamide technology, aluminium glazing has become more energy efficient. This is good news for anyone looking to lower their electricity bills. If you are looking to improve your home’s sound and thermal insulation, go for aluminium doors and windows. Their performance meets all the building standards with a thermal efficiency of higher levels than that offered by PVC or wood. Fabricated high-performance aluminium goes beyond energy efficiency standards and can improve the heat loss and gain via windows by up to 60%.

Recyclability and Eco-Friendly Nature of Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium is 100% non-toxic and recyclable and thus, leaves minimal ecological footprint. To recycle aluminium, you just need 5% of the energy that was used in creating it. This property differentiates aluminium from all other framing materials. Aluminium is also an environmentally sustainable material. If you are looking for a way to protect nature, this is the way to go. Unlike wooden doors and windows, aluminium types are very eco-friendly and easy to recycle. They can also be combined with plastic or fibreglass.

The only way you can enjoy the benefits of aluminium doors and windows is by installing them. Make your house stand out with this material.

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